May 22, 2020

Canadian Black / Speed / Death / Thrash Metallers TORREFY have just released a lyric video for ‘GFYD’ at this location. The track is taken from their forthcoming album “Life Is Bad”, which will be self-released by the band on July 01, 2020. A video for the album’s first single ‘Plague Of Empires’ is still available here. “Life Is Bad” was recorded at Electric Flow Studios in Victoria BC, Canada and produced by TORREFY and Gustavo Valderama. The mixing was done by Felipe Gonzales and Gustavo Valderama at Umbral Studios in Caldas Colombia and Electric Flow Studios in Vancouver BC, Canada. Joel Grind of TOXIC HOLOCAUST took care of the matering. The full tracklist reads like this: ‘Sarcophony’, ‘Eye Of The Swarm’, ‘Outrun By Wolves’, ‘GFYD’, ‘Arborequiem’, ‘The Thin Line’, ‘Cells’, ‘Torrn Apart By Machinery’ and ‘Plague Of Empires’. More about TORREFY at

On August 15, 2020 Nuclear War Now! Productions will release “Hypnotic Blood Art”, the third album from Ohio’s Black / Death Metallers PROSANCTUS INFERI, on vinyl LP and cassette tape formats. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Dark Scarp Of Hell’, ‘Pulpit Sycophants’, ‘Sheol Below’, ‘Hypnotic Blood Art’, ‘Blood Synod’, ‘Torture Enraped’, ‘Bellicose Spiritual Violence’, ‘Void Called As Black Bonds’, ‘Geist Enthralled’, ‘Washed In The Blood’ and ‘The Fearful Pit’. You can already check out the album opener ‘Dark Scarp Of Hell’ here. For all further information please visit

Costa Rican Black Metal band AHLSPIESS has just released a new exclusive digital single entitled ‘Et Super Lanceam’ at this location. The track is supposed to fill in the void between their debut demo “Aufklärung” (released in November 2019) and their upcoming yet to be named split release. An EP is already in the works for early 2021. AHLSPIESS has also signed a deal with Costa Rican independent label Droga Rx Records for a limited tape release of “Aufklärung”. More AHLSPIESS information here:, label contact:

Costa Rican Horror Death Metal band SPUTUM has just released their debut EP “Vile & Nefarious” at this location. The CD version will be released through Nightfall Distro later this year. More information on SPUTUM you will find here:

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