May 25, 2024

French Death Metallers AD PATRES have just released a new single entitled ‘Deserter’ at this location. The track will be featured on the band’s upcoming new album “Unbreathable”, which will be released on June 07, 2024 via Non Serviam Records on CD, vinyl LP and digitally. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Intro’, ‘The Dream Chaser’, ‘Versus’, ‘Deserter’, ‘Exodus’, ‘Interlude’, ‘Chapter X’, ‘The Medium’, ‘Rebellion Grief’ and ‘Deus Deceptor’. The cover artwork was created by Yohan “Haash” Hühner.

Canadian Death Metallers DUSKWALKER have just released a new song entitled ‘City On A Cemetery’ over here. It will be featured on the band’s upcoming third full length “Underground Forever”, which will be released via Black Lion Records on July 26, 2024. It was recorded by John Robinson at Castle Tracula and mixed and mastered By Marko Tervonen. The album’s first single ‘Crippled At The Core’ can still be checked out at this location. The complete “Underground Forever” tracklist reads as follows: ‘Crippled At The Core’, ‘The Loss’, ‘Never Going Back’, ‘Underground Forever’, ‘City On A Cemetery’, ‘Posing Corpses’, ‘Artillery Communion’, ‘Vanquisher’, ‘Blasted Past Extinction’ and ‘Inhaling The Dust Of Bone’.

“The Anus Of The World”, the debut full length from Los Angeles based Death Metallers MORTAL WOUND, is out now via Dark Descent Records on CD, cassette tape and digital formats, with Me Saco Un Ojo Records handling the vinyl edition and additional cassette orders. A full album stream is available over here. More about MORTAL WOUND at or

Philadelphia based CATHARI have just released their four-track EP “It Will Hurt The Entire Time You Are Alive”, their first studio offering since transitioning into Noisecore from Doom Metal. The EP is available on cassette tapes and digitally. You can stream it in its entirety at this location. For all additional CATHARI information please visit

One-Man technical Death Metal band ASHES OF MOMENTS PERISHED has just released a stand-alone single entitled ‘Clairvoyant Evanesce’, which you can check out over here. For more ASHES OF MOMENTS PERISHED information go to

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