November 13, 2021

Los Angeles, California based progressive Death Metal duo DELPHIAN has just released their debut album “Somnambulant Foregoer”. A full album stream is available at this location. More about DELPHIAN at

“Ausland”, the new album from Seattle, Washington based progressive Death Metal quartet RHINE, can be streamed in its entirety over here now. The band’s guitarist / vocalist Gabriel Tachell had this to say about it: “Our new album “Ausland” explores some pretty cynical and nihilistic themes. It’s a mix of personal struggles with depression, fear and conflict, and some politically driven stuff about privilege, capitalism, the environment etc. The album is heavier than previous releases, with more refined song writing and is generally more cohesive, but still has plenty of proggy twists and turns. The title “Ausland” means foreign place in German, which kind of summarizes the whole feeling of living in this world right now. It also harkens back to my childhood living in Germany, where “Ausländer” (foreigners) were forced into the lower class by societal structures, my first encounter with the hate and discrimination that plagues the whole world.” For all additional RHINE info please visit

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