November 17, 2023

Stockholm, Sweden based Crust Punk / D-Beat three-piece HARMAGEDON, featuring members of MARTYRDÖD and FREEDOM, has just released their debut full length “Dystopian Dreams” via Svart Records. It was recorded live at their own studio with Fred Forsberg of MASS WORSHIP. Magnus Lindberg of CULT OF LUNA took care of the mastering. More band information you will find at

Italian blackened Death Metal trio VOLTUMNA will release their new EP “For Death Is Fate” on January 19, 2024. A video for the first single ‘Black Science’ can already be watched at this location. The band is currently working on their fifth studio album. All further VOLTUMNA info is available at

UK Doom / Deathers BULL ELEPHANT have just released their third full length “The Long War” via Eat Lead And Die Music. The album was recorded by Jamie Masters at Echo Studios in Buckingham and mastered by Dan “The Man” Swanö at Unisound, Sweden. The cover art was supplied by Kishor Haulenbeek. Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘Expansion From Perceived Reality’, ‘Blackened Chaos Horizon’, ‘Berlin Falling’, ‘Zentrum Der Neuen Welt’, ‘Severing The Last Strands Of Self’ and ‘The Long War’. For all additional band information please visit

Dutch Death Metallers BLOODPHEMY have just released a lyric video for their new single ‘Sanity Obfuscation’ over here. The song is featured on the band’s fifth album “Dawn Of Malevolence”, which was just released via Non Serviam Records on digipak CD, cassette tape, limited green vinyl and digitally. Visualizer videos for ‘Convoluted Reality’ and ‘From Suffering To Violence’ can be watched here and here. You can follow BLOODPHEMY at

American Power Thrashers DESTRUCTOR are streaming their fifth full length “Blood, Bone, And Fire” in its entirety at this location now. It will be released on November 24, 2023 via Shadow Kingdom Records. More about DESTRUCTOR at

Colombian Death Metallers FUNERAL VOMIT have just released a visualizer video for ‘The Mortuary Moon’ at this location. The song will be featured on the band’s upcoming debut full length “Monumental Putrescence”, which will be released on December 19, 2023 via Xtreem Music on CD, vinyl LP (100 splatter and 150 black), cassette tape (50 copies) and digital formats. Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘Intro (The Entombment)’, ‘Immense Morbidity’, ‘The Mortuary Moon’, ‘Spectral Parasite’, ‘Cadaveric Apparition’, ‘Interlude (Towards The Abysmal Doom)’, ‘Monumental Putrescence’, ‘Necromantical Winds’, ‘Swarming Pestilence’ And ‘Outro (The Sinister Mist)’. The album’s previously revealed two advance singles ‘Immense Morbidity’ and ‘Spectral Parasite’ can still be checked out here and here. More FUNERAL VOMIT info you will find at

Canadian Black Metallers SOMBRE HÉRITAGE have just revealed the track ‘Alces Alces’ at this location. It will be featured on the band’s upcoming sophomore full length “Inter Duo Mundi”, which will be released on November 23, 2023 via Sepulchral Productions. The album will include the following tracks: ‘Inter Duo Mundi – Initium’, ‘Alces Alces’, ‘Chasse Éperdue’, ‘Délire Onirique’, ‘Enchevêtré’, ‘Tiraillé’, ‘Insolence’ and ‘Inter Duo Mundi – Exitus’. For all further SOMBRE HÉRITAGE information please visit

Old school Death Metallers MASTER will release their new album “Saints Dispelled”, the band’s first release in almost eight years, on January 19, 2024 via Hammerheart Records on digipak CD (including two bonus tracks), CD boxset (including the CD, poster and a patch), gatefold LP and limited cassette tape. The artwork was created by Richard Schouten (PENTAGRAM, ACROSTICHON, NAPALM DEATH, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM). Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘Destruction In June’, ‘Walk In The Footsteps Of Doom’, ‘Saints Dispelled’, ‘Minds Under Pressure’, ‘Find Your Life’, ‘Marred And Diseased’, ‘The Wiseman’, ‘The Wizard Of Evil’, ‘Nomads’ (bonus track) and ‘Alienation Of Insanity’ (bonus track). You can already check out ‘Walk In The Footsteps Of Doom’ over here. More information and regular updates you will get at

A full stream of “Philosopher”, the new full length from Norwegian Dark Metallers AETERNUS, is available at this location now. The album will be released via Agonia Records today. You can follow AETERNUS at

On December 21, 2023 Purity Through Fire will release “Erwachen”, the sophomore full length from German Black Metallers ATRONOS, on CD, A5 digipak and vinyl LP formats. The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘Was Uns So Schrecklich Hasst’, ‘Alles Geht Dahin’, ‘Tobsucht’, ‘Erwache’ and ‘Transformation’. You can already stream the album opener ‘Was Uns So Schrecklich Hasst’ over here. More ATRONOS you will find

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