November 27, 2023

“Cesariana”, the third full length from Brazilian Black Metallers LITOSTH, will be released via Personal Records on February 02, 2024 on CD format. The album will feature the following tracks: ‘In Waves’, ‘Whipping Bottles’, ‘Time Doesn’t Heal’, ‘The Clay Messiah’, ‘A Ofensa’, ‘The Argonaut’, ‘Caesarean’ and ‘The Vaccum Extractor Paradigm’. You can already stream ‘Whipping Bottles’ over here. For more LITOSTH information please visit

On February 02, 2024 Signal Rex will release “Like Twisted Bones Of Fallen Giants”, the sophomore full length from Finnish Black Metallers HOLLOW WOODS, on CD and vinyl LP formats. Here’s the full tracklist: ‘Ancient Graves’, ‘Beneath The Dying Tower’, ‘Night Burns Through’, ‘Halls Of Idle Breath’, ‘Interlude / Among Ruins’, ‘Burial Fires’ and ‘Like Twisted Bones Of Fallen Giants’. You can check out ‘Burial Fires’ at

On February 02, 2024 Iron Bonehead Productions will release “Häxan Sabaoth”, the sixth full length from Chile based Death Metallers UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN, on CD and vinyl LP formats. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Lamia Sucuba’, ‘Cuatro Velas De Cebo Infantil’, ‘Our Almighty Chthonic Lords’, ‘Hexennippel’, ‘Dho Hna Formula’, ‘Back To The Mother Hydra And Father Dagon’ and ‘Die Teufelsbucher’. You can already listen to the album opener ‘Lamia Sucuba’ at this location. All additional band information you will find at

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