October 10, 2023

“Brægn Hæft”, the debut full length of German melodic Doom / Post Black / Death Metallers SARLIC BLISS, will be released on November 02, 2023 via MDD Records. The album’s first single, ‘Departed Grace’ (featuring guest singer Gogo Melone) can already be streamed at this location now. The complete “Brægn Hæft” tracklist reads as follows: ‘Darkest Desire’, ‘Lust’, ‘Flotian Swefn’, ‘The Truth Within’, ‘Invidia’ and ‘Departed Grace’. More SARLIC BLISS information you will find at www.facebook.com/sarlicblissband

German Black Metallers HAGATIZ are streaming their debut full length “Cursed To The Night” in its entirety over here now. It will be released on October 11, 2023 via Amor Fati Productions. For all additional information please visit www.amor-fati-productions.de or www.facebook.com/amorfatiprod

The official Boris Records vinyl reissue of ROT‘s “Diabolus (The Unholy Rot): Demo 1990” is streaming in its entirety at this location now. It will be released on October 28, 2023. For all further info check out www.facebook.com/borisrecordsatl

Spanish Black Metallers VOIDESCENT will release their debut full length “Dust And Embers” via Avantgarde Music on October 13, 2023 on CD, vinyl LP and digitally. It was mixed and mastered by Simon Da Silva at The Empty Hall Studio in Madrid and features the following tracks: ‘Black Crowned Triangle’, ‘Crosstunnel Descent’, ‘The Necrotic Veil’, ‘Cauldrons Of Sabbath’, ‘Venom Scythe Liturgy’, ‘Arcane Enlightenment – The Bone Offering’. More about VOIDESCENT at www.facebook.com/voidescent

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