October 16, 2020

On November 13, 2020 Xenokorp will release a live album from French Death Grinders PUTRID OFFAL on audio and video. As a first single the track ‘Necrotic Mutilation’ has just been released over here. More band info you will find at www.facebook.com/putridoffal

“Deathonation”, the fifth album from South Moravia, Czech Republic based Thrashers SHAARK, will be released via Slovak Metal Army on November 23, 2020. The material was recorded in the spring of 2020 at Shaark Studio in Bzenec. An official video for ‘Union Of Pain’ can already be watched at this location. The new tracks ‘MonSteroid’ and the title track are available here and here. The complete “Deathonation” tracklist reads as follows: ‘Adventus Mali’, ‘Union Of Pain’, ‘Monsteroid’, ‘Corruption’, ‘Trip To Non-Return’, ‘Deathonation’, ‘Trapped In The Net Part I’, ‘Trapped In The Net Part II’, ‘Friends Of Evil’ and ‘Speed King’ (bonus track). For all additional SHAARK information please visit www.facebook.com/shaarkcz

On December 11, 2020 Edged Circle Productions will release the debut album of Brazil’s SPEEDKILLER, “Midnight Vampire”. The cover art was created by Jean Nightbreäker of Brazil’s MURDEATH. The title track is already streaming right here. The complete tracklist of the album reads like this: ‘Intro’, ‘Nightspell’, ‘Suicide Hell’, ‘Shadow People’, ‘Midnight Vampire’, ‘Valley Of Death’ and ‘Circles Of Blood’. More about SPEEDKILLER at www.facebook.com/speedkiller666

Poland’s blackend Death Metallers AZARATH have just premiered the first single from their upcoming new album “Saint Desecration”, which will be released on November 27, 2020 via Agonia Records. You can listen to ‘Sancta Dei Meretrix’ at this location. The album was recorded and mixed at Tall Pine Records with Haldor Grundberg and mastered at Audiosiege Studio by Brad Boatright. The cover artwork was created by Marta Promińska of Hypnagogic Painting. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Death-At-Will’, ‘Sancta Dei Meretrix’, ‘Let Them Burn…’, ‘Fall Of The Blessed’, ‘No Salvation’, ‘Profanation’, ‘Reigning Over The Death’, ‘Life Is Death, Death Is Life’, ‘Inflicting Blasphemy Upon The Heavens’, ‘Beyond The Gates Of Burning Ghats’ and ‘Pure Hate’ (MERCILESS cover with guest vocals from STILLBORN’s Killer, only available on the digi CD). For all further info check out www.facebook.com/azarathband

“The Brimstone Clergy”, the second album from Swedish Black Metallers SERPENTS, will be released on November 30 2020 via War Anthem Records. A first track (‘End The Slavery Of Being’) can already be checked out at this location. The full tracklist reads as follows: ‘Worship The Reprobate’, ‘End The Slavery Of Being’, ‘Bring The Apocalypse’, ‘Shattered Paradise’, ‘Interlude In B Minor’ and ‘Requiem’. More SERPENTS at https://serpents1.bandcamp.com

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