Magna Pestilencia
(I Hate Records)

I came across ABYSMAL WINDS mainly because of the members association in their other bands AVSKY, CORPSEHAMMER and OMNIZIDE. The band’s release of their first demo “Doom Prayer” caught and held my interest because of their truly old school Death Metal sound. I say held my attention because they are not among the hundreds of bands that overly rely on, copy or need early ENTOMBED / DISMEMBER and reliance on the Boss HM-2 sound. I find it notable and invigorating those who utilize technique and aura to create something special. The demo did that for me. So I was curious to see if the band can further achieve that distinction and I have to say for the most part they have done so. Much of this release is mid-paced dirty and slightly chaotic Death Metal. They along with French Death Metal SEPULCRE have a similar vibe. I know two years have passed since the “Doom Prayer” release and the members are still the same, but the demo is still a bit better for me. With “Magna Pestilencia” the sound is a bit cleaner and more trebly. Whereas the demo was darker, murkier sounding and contributed much to the overall atmosphere. Not that this a bad release by any means, it just has a tad bit of a different sound to me. If I have anything to complain about, the songs are a tad samey, but with a runtime of 30 minutes, it is not a deal breaker by any means. This is a band for fans of NIHILIST, CREMATORY and early SADISTIC INTENT. www.facebook.com/abysmalwinds, www.facebook.com/ihaterecords

Will “Bones” Lee

Will "Bones" Lee

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