Brennende Åkres Grøde
(Terratur Possessions)

Norwegian Black Metal trio ASKEREGN has been stirring up the murky waters of the Black Metal underground since 2011 and “Brennende Åkres Grøde” is their second full-length album. From the start it grabs and drags the listener on the bleakest, miserable and cold Black Metal trip. It has got seven compositions ranging from three to eleven minuutes, so there’s enough variation within the stylistic boundaries, but generally the album sounds rough and primitive, think along the lines of DARKTHRONE’s “Under A Funeral Moon”, early GORGOROTH or ENSLAVED, but with a fatter production and vocals buried within the instrumentation. They certainly know how to built thick, nihilistic atmosphere and maintain it within an aggressive and rather dissonant traditional Norwegian Black Metal template. I was never a big fan of the Norwegian Black Metal style and prefer South American madness more, but I can appreciate when it’s done well and ASKERGEN definitely know how to handle their instruments and write engaging misanthropic compositons. I mean, it still sounds very old school and for the Black Metal purists it’s a good thing, so for them I would advice to check this album out. Yet if you’re looking for new forms of blackness, then “Brennende Åkres Grøde” will leave you with a dull taste, as you’ve probably heard it done many times before. More ASKERGEN you will find at:, Label:

Mindaugas “Plix” Lapinskas

Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas

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