The Obedience To Authority
(Godz Ov War Productions)

This is hard to understand. They call it Drone / Doom / Death Metal. The Drone thing, is a repetitive almost industrial sounding trance-inducing music, mixed with a chaotic style of noisy Death Metal. I can hardly sense any Doom Metal here, but Doom is the only thing one can feel while listening to this chaos. And yet, there is something that makes this interesting. The Death Metal parts are total chaos, War Metal at its most extreme. The drums or what seems to be drums, are played at the speed of light, while the guitars are buzzsaws that cuts through the flesh and some cavernous laments are the vocalization to this music, which will perfectly fit a dark horror occult movie. It at times reminds me of bands like PORTAL, GRAVE UPHEAVAL and REVENGE in the fact that they do invoke horror through their chaotic music, which is just a very thin line away from being just noise. This is the kind of band people love or hate. The weird apocalyptic interludes used at times, only add more horror to the formula. At times it is hard to make out if that is a riff or just pure static noise. I am afraid I like my Metal of Death with more riffs that I can really understand rather some I have to make out in my mind. Yet, those into very evil, grotesque Death Metal and noise, will surely worship this.,

Julián “Chapter III” Núñez

Julián "Chapter III" Núñez

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