As The Darkness Enters
(Northern Heritage Records)

BAPTISM, this-one man Black Metal outfit from Finland, led by Lord Sarcofagian exclusively, has been a completely unknown entity to me, ’til now, I mean. BAPTISM was formed in 1998, and ever since their existence BAPTISM’s recording catalog has been increasing firmly, little by little: 3 full-length studio albums, 4 EPs and a couple of split recordings and demos are what can be found from BAPTISM’s back catalog of releases – and now even this 4th BAPTISM album, titled "As The Darkness Enters". As the title of this record already suggests a little bit, the kind of darkness BAPTISM brings to all of us on the band’s 4th release, is a pleasant and harmonious darkness, in which melancholy – the Finnish kind precisely, plays an important role. The kind of deeply touching melancholy that can only be found from the Finnish tribe, is absolutely spellbinding and capturing on BAPTISM’s new record as well, which is accompanied by harsh and tormenting cavalcade of soul-raping, fast-spaced Black Metal hymns that really tend to embrace the darkness endlessly. For what this is, BAPTISM has grown sharp enough horns while getting older, to pierce through even the thickest barricade of hypocrite Jesus lovers, as evil definitely wins regarding this BAPTISM’s very convincingly and well crafted 8-track opus. It’s a sort of mystery to me why BAPTISM ain’t an internationally known Black Metal act yet as some of their other Finnish comrades of the same genre, such as BEHERIT or HORNA or ARCHGOAT or CLANDESTINE BLAZE for example? They are absolutely on a par with any of the aforementioned names – as it’s been proved on the band’s fourth outing, "As The Darkness Falls". BAPTISM has already spread its black wings for you, so the only question is: are you ready for the band’s cold embrace? For all further info, enter their fire through:, label:

Luxi Lahtinen

Luxi Lahtinen

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