Autumn's Fall
(Heavy Horses Records)

“Autumn’s Fall” is the latest effort by South German based Metalheads BITTERNESS. Compared to their predecessor “Sweet Suicide Solutions” from 2003 the quartet presents itself much more mature and tighter than before. One reason for that fact is for sure the intense touring in the past. Musicwise this squad stayed true to their style which means that they deliver again melodic Death Metal in the Gothenburg vein spiced with a lethal dose of old school Thrash elements. But this time on a higher quality level than on their previous works. Despite the omnipresent melodic touch and the harmonies the album doesn’t miss the necessary heaviness and even many high speed parts can be heard here as well. Sure you can’t expect some new innovations here but I don’t care about that anyway. The tracks blow powerful out of the boxes, quite solid and very well arranged. It’s like a trip back into time to the glorious mid 90s when this style of Death Metal was on its peak. And to be honest the old squads don’t release that outstanding albums anymore or have already split up. The songs by these four guys have been wrapped into a crispy production which has enough dynamic to convince. A nice album which should please every fan of melodic Death Metal in the Swedish tradition and it’s for sure a good alternative to all the Scandinavian bands. Contact: or

Michael Oelschlegel

Michael Oelschlegel

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