Pestilence From The Dragonstar
(Soul Solid Music)

In case you should wonder about the whereabout of former GOREAPHOBIA frontman Chris Gamble make sure to check out the Philadelphia based four piece BLOOD STORM. Gamble simply metamorphosed into his alter ego Mezzadurus for this after a short stand in as a session frontman for ABSU. BLOOD STORM’s debut album got released on UK’s Cacophonous Records a couple of years ago, but was missed by yours truly (probably due to the poor promotion / distribution of CRADLE OF FILTH’s old company), so I unfortunately can’t comment on its qualities here. Thanks to Metal War Productions I at least got my hands on a copy of “Pestilence From The Dragonstar”, their nine song follow-up, which reared its ugly head back in 1999. But beware: musically BLOOD STORM have nothing to do with GOREAPHOBIA at all! This is extremely raw and totally straight ahead Black Metal in its purest form and the guys even knew to impress me with it! Apart from the way too colorful coverart (which doesn’t really compliment the music at all) and their partly too long compositions (some of the songs are around six to seven minutes long), this is an all in all completely fuckin’ intense release, which partly reminds me on a Black Metal version of classic ORDER FROM CHAOS, who had a quite similar rough approach. Gam… ehh Mezzadurus’ voice sounds way more convincing than those of the majority of the Scandinavian wannabees as he spits the vocals out in a very hateful manner and delivers the right feeling for the band’s blasphemous material. So, if you’re bored of all the pussy Gothic inspired Black Metal with tons of keyboards and shit, go for BLOOD STORM instead. You’re gonna love ’em! Oh, and before I forget – the band’s brandnew album “Ancient Wraith Of Ku” is already announced for a August 10th, 2001 release, so you better watch out for that.

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

BLOOD STORM - Qliphothic Necromancy (Frank Stöver)
BLOOD STORM - Sirian Storm (Mario Cubero )
BLOOD STORM - Ancient Wraith Of KU (Frank Stöver)
BLOOD STORM - interview (Frank Stöver)

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