Borrowed Time
(High Roller Records)

Wow, I can see High Roller Records is never giving up when it comes to support traditional Metal. American Metal band BORROWED TIME is a band that really recalls the voice of more obscure Metal bands than your average MAIDEN, PRIEST, SABBATH worshippers. They do recall a band that has always been a fave of mine like MANILLA ROAD. Not only in the music sense, but also in the nasal vocal style and even in the great fantasy comic-like cover art. They have that epic feeling that only few are able to conjure. And they do have a very strong 70s Rock influence that also adds mysticism to the band, something that in Metal is almost forgotten as of today. The music style presented here is not exactly super-heavy nor it does possess up-front guitars like a wall of chainsaw. No, the heaviness here comes from the soul of the songs themselves, for the twisted sad melodies, from the laments that the vocals recite, from the impending doom that the music guides the listener. One can feel that the name of the band implies that your life is just at a blink of an eye to finish, that your mere existence is futile and that you are nothing but dust. The magical performance like the one displayed in ‘Of Nymph And Nihil’ adds a lot to the overall effect of this album. Forget about the ghosts that might wash the minds of the weaker ones, if you are going to fall upon the blade of the reaper make it at the end of your life with BORROWED TIME. This has the “Classic Metal” tag ready to be crowned. Yep, it is that good.,

Julián “Dark Hearted” Núñez

Julián "Dark Hearted" Núñez

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