Coffee Concert (Live)
(Auburn Records)

About a year after Cleveland Metal legend BREAKER had been formed, they were offered to play on Wmms’ prestigious "Coffee Break Concert" radio show in July 1983 reaching most of northern Ohio, parts of Canada, Pennsylvania and Michigan live in the afternoon. Crazy crowd, 13 classic BREAKER songs plus the SMALL FACES cover ‘All Or Nothing’ and some short but informative interviews, this captures the very special 80s Cleveland Metal scene. Do I have to tell you about BREAKER anyway? Well – they play pretty much European style classic Metal in the vein of ACCEPT, UFO or early SCORPIONS with a unique touch of their own. Of course, the double CD reissue of their only longplayer "Get Tough!" is more essential but as soon as you got that one, you’ll want this CD as well. Once again, this is an excellent Auburn Records release with liner notes and exclusive artwork. In Europe you’ll probably get this one (and the SHOK PARIS debut "Go For The Throat") from Hellion Records and the likes or order it directly from

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

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