Get Tough
(Auburn Records)

The long wait is over – it’s done, it’s here and the result just turned out absolutely fantastic! After 13 long years, BREAKER’s legendary "Get Tough" album is F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. officially out on CD for the very first time! Even if you already own the lousy Reborn Classics bootleg version of it, you gotta go for this one here as well as it features an additional free (!) bonus disc with no less than 16 (in words: sixteen!!) tracks!!! So, as you can easily imagine – everything of importance made it on here! BREAKER’s contributions to the "Heavy Artillery" and "Cleveland Metal" compilations (the incredible ‘Still Life’, ‘Walking The Wire’ and ’10 Seconds In’ – in a different version to the actual album recording), both tracks off their 7" from 1983 (‘Afraid Of The Dark’ and ‘Blood Money’ – also in a different version of course), the "Get Tough" cassette bonus track (‘Touch Like Thunder’), two verrrry old 4-track recordings from 1982 (when the band still used to be called IMPOSTER), a live recording of the old SMALL FACES classic ‘All Or Nothing’ from 1983 and a bunch of good quality demo songs which they recorded throughout the years. Except for a pretty unusual three song session from 1984 (which their management forced them to do back then) all of the songs are in the typical BREAKER style: melodic, heavy, catchy and unique! I seriously doubt that I have to mention the brilliance of the "Get Tough" material here as all ten tracks stood the test of time in any way, which should speak for itself. A massive 28-page booklet with lots of old pictures, all the lyrics, a band history and liner notes complete the impressive picture. The most essential (and valuable) re-issue for quite some time! So, all hail to Bill Peters who finally made it happen and who did an awesome job on this. In case you should have difficulties in finding a copy at your local CD dealer, don’t hesitate to contact the label directly: Auburn Records, P.O. Box 925, Medina, Ohio 44258-0925, USA, e-mail:, website:

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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