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It seems that extreme progressive Metal is getting some attention from the underground scene. For years the word progressive has been rejected by the most conservative die hard Metalheads. I have been a progressive Rock and Metal fan for many years, so this kind of stuff is not new to me, but I must recognize that CEREBRUM from Greece was not on my radar. Transcending Obscurity Records have just released their third album, entitled “Iridium”. Almost 35 minutes distributed in 9 tracks, their style can be compared to old school acts like PESTILENCE, OBLIVEON (CAN), ACID DEATH, CYNIC, DEATH or GORGUTS. The first track, ‘Time Reversal’, has some great bass lines, technical guitars and great drumming. ‘A Face Unknown’, one of the best tracks here, offer an awesome introduction, showing a nice blend of tempo changes here and there. A good acoustic guitar solo can be heard too. ‘Memory Hoax’ and ‘Euphoric Control’ maintain the same standard heard before. ‘Cognitive Dissonance’, the sixth track, is a well-worked short guitar oriented instrumental. The last two tracks are very impressive. The last one, ‘Escape To Bliss’, is my favourite so far because of its fast double kicks, great solo guitar and structure that reminds me of UNLEASHED POWER. But, to be honest, I’m a bit confused. The music is not bad and I really like this kind of stuff, but what we can hear here is not actually original or essentially interesting. Considering this is some progressive stuff I really expected some different way to develop the songs… well, everything is there but not so well developed (or the way I enjoy the most). If you’re deep into Prog and Death Metal, give them a chance. More information about CEREBRUM can be found at www.facebook.com/cerebrumofficial. Want a copy? Go here https://tometal.com

Miguel Negrón

Miguel Negrón

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