Heathen Cross
(High Roller Records)

New album from these English veterans. I must admit that, despite being involved in the Metal world for years, I have never closely followed the work of this British band. They are one of the classic NWOBHM bands, with their early works dating back to the ’80s. As you might expect, their music has evolved over all these years; they even had a hiatus and a comeback in 2006. This album falls within this second phase. Their sound now is more current and contemporary, but without losing a bit of their identity: a rough Heavy Metal in its most classic and British style, like MAIDEN with touches of Power Metal. This album consists of 10 tracks that keep you glued to the speaker. Highlights include the catchy ‘Last Man Standing’ and the slow ‘Sabbat Stones’. I also detect more US Power Metal influences (‘Darkest Before The Dawn’) in some parts of tracks, even more Hard Rock structures, which work really well in songs like ‘Do What Thou Wilt’. Good tracks overall that will delight fans of the genre. High Roller continues to expand its catalog of classic Metal with very good taste in selecting their LPs.,

Oscar “evilcore666” Vázquez

Oscar "evilcore666" Vázquez

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