The Unwritten Pages Of Death
(Final Sacrifice Records)

There are probably more than a few people who have definitive ideas about what Black Metal should sound like. Granted in the first and second wave of the scene the sound or types were much more defined. As the years have passed some bands have come and gone and others have taken hold of the flame to bring new, different, or derivative sounds to the palette. It is rough to please everybody. As for myself, I appreciate good second wave Black Metal played with conviction. Something aggressive and with an atmosphere that harkens to the days of old, but still gives you a bit of something new. I stress that “just a bit” part because nowadays nothing is truly new. But damn, I must COLDBORN check quite a few boxes for me. The band’s sole member Norgaath also plays in ENTHRONED, GRIMFAUG and NIGHTBRINGER. Needless to say, he keeps busy. The drummer from ENTHRONED plays here on his solo project as well. With two members from that band, there is at times, a passing similarity to ENTHRONED but this is more aggressive and atmospheric. Those inclusions make this release more interesting than his main band. When mention is made of the atmosphere in the music there are touches of early SATYRICON but not as folky (is that a word?) and hints of NIGHTBRINGER. Some songs go from straight on pummeling one moment, but then break into moodier interludes. Not necessarily of the ambient nature, but more along the instrumentation vibe. The vocals are cold and bleak and in the lower growl register, but with slight variations to accompany the changes in the songs themselves. When I listen to this it’s almost as if it is released from that era of the bygone days. The production is yes, modern in its way, but there is a drier starkness to the overall tone. It accents the songs very well. It all almost sounds lo-fi and simplistic, but when listening to the songwriting and overall presentation of the songs, you realize it is not quite the case. The best for me is the harshness of the guitar tone and the aggressive nature of the drums, mixed with the different moodier instrumental sections. It was also of note that at 45 minutes it did not seem to drag at any time for me. Props also for the cover art which fits the overall tone of the album. More info at:,

Will “Bones” Lee

Will "Bones" Lee

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