Charnel Passages
(Profound Lore Records)

Evolution can be a hard word to describe something someone did. Most of the time people think of the term evolution as something that made the person change to a different way, something that might be completely different from what they knew as the "usual" form of act, think or even speak. CRUCIAMENTUM delivered some outstanding and acclaimed MLPs and splits prior to the release of their first full length album. The expectation grew up very significant as most of the members were involved in other projects that are very time consuming and demanding as they shared members in DESTROYER 666, GRAVE MIASMA, etc. "Charnel Passages" is the latest and first full length opus of this great UK act. While their previous releases showed some oppressive and dark Death Metal in the vein of early INCANTATION, IMMOLATION, etc, this album is the true meaning of "evolution". The obscure and mesmerizing vibe is still intact, however the band went a step further this time. The musicianship, production, artwork and execution is top notch here. This album can compete a bit closer (production wise) to what BEHEMOTH, VANHELGD and DEAD CONGREGATION did with their latest albums. It all sounds clear, tight and devastating, not very polished but enough to make each instrument sound great on its own. The artwork is the best thing the band has done, and Daniel Corcuera really nailed this one. The execution is outstanding, everything sounds right in the spot and the songs are very different from each other, which helps the album to be very varied and entertaining. There’s only one thing that might push old school fans a bit back. And that is the way the songs and the production are going together, making the record sound fresh and new, a bit cleaner and neat than what the band was known for. But overall "Charnel Passages" is a big hit and to my eyes (ears) the best CRUCIAMENTUM release overall. Once again I would say this is the evolution of the band. If you feel like you wanted a bit more from last year’s top Death Metal albums go buy this record, you will be happy for buying it and paying tribute to the rancid and morbid way of Death Metal. This is not the album of the year, but it has some great moments and will pave the way for future releases of this demolishing act. You can visit the band at and order the album from

Mauricio “Rusty” Sanchez

Mauricio "Rusty" Sanchez

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