Shells Will Fall
(F.D.A. Records)

What the winds of war brought this time on a convulsed year, is another strike from a yet experimented band. With 4 full albums at their rear and a handful of lesser releases, DECAYING follows the same path as HAIL OF BULLETS, BOLT THROWER, PENTACLE and the last gunshots of ASPHYX. As you can imagine, the main theme here is war, but through an historic point of view, carried by 8 songs full of roaring buzzsaw guitars, solid drum patterns and mixed growls and shrieks with the overexploited tone à la Van Drunen. Thus, established the battlefield, the reminiscences of the aforementioned bands haunt constantly while this album advances, fiercely of course, but predictable at this point of the game. ‘Scattered Remains’ must be the highlight of the album, keeping of course the same formula, but on a blitzkrieg mode in terms of vehemence and intention. About the production, this full length sounds crushing and massy, even though it could have increased the volume to the bass guitar, which bursts as a warmonger with a great metallic tone, sadly in the back. To sum it up, DECAYING’s “Shells Will Fall” is another soldier who knows its duty at war and accomplish it at order, but shooting from the trench, will not bring glory at all… much less a memorable epitaph.,

Sebastián Salce

Sebastián Salce

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