Eating The Universe
(Visceral Circuitry Records)

The first thing I thought of, when putting this album to play, by the for me totally unknown Russian band DEKONSTRUKTOR, was a doomy and a tad more fucked up and eerie version of the old THORNS demos, as the intro named ‘Out’ and the beginning of the titletrack has a nice distorted bass rumbling away, with a steady simple drumbeat and a raw noisy recording. Though then a quite reverbed vocal sets in, that actually fits this universe, that the band is building up, quite well. What I thought would become noisy, experimental doomy eerie Black Metal turns out to be a tad droning eerie Funeral-ish Doom Metal with a twisted and distorted Doom Rock element, tour de force. And it continues in that cycle, quite well done actually, if you have the right mindset to absorb the music and droning noise. There aren’t many vocals present, and that is quite okay. The few times the vocals are used, it is effectful, but the music in itself is quite captivating when its darkness unfolds. The titletrack and the last track, the half hour long ‘Dekonstruktor’ (if you count the silence before it ends) are the most interesting and massive pieces on this album, which is the band’s first effort. They’ve put out an EP, two splits and a full length last year, since the release of this beast, releases I have to check out now, my curiosity has been sparked! Wander into the everdarkgreen:,

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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