Infinity Through Purification
(Century Media Records)

Florida Death Metal legion DIABOLIC seem to have almost faced its own end when 50% of the last line up left to start UNHOLY GHOST and the band was forced to do the important tour across Europe with some sort of emergency-line up. In addition to that DIABOLIC’s third full-length “Vengeance Ascending” could not satisfy the high expectations created by the band’s huge progression on “Subterraineal Magnitude”. But DIABOLIC could not be defeated by these setbacks, they gathered new forces, composed new songs pretty fast and transformed frustration into creativity. The result is “Infinity Through Purification” and it is undoubtedly another Death Metal highlight of 2003! DIABOLIC got rid of all Black / Death elements, recruited a new drummer and Ed Webb, the guy who sung on the debut CD “Supreme Evil”, returned to torment his vocal chords and he does an incredible job. In fact, he reminds me a bit of George Corpsegrinder now. In musical terms “Infinity Through Purification” marks a new level of brutality, speed and technical skill for DIABOLIC yet they manage to retain the concise and memorable song structures and the old school darkness of their previous releases. The well-done, melodic lead duels of Herseman and Malone are astonishing and give you a nice break between malicious blasting, murderous growls and twisted riffs. The album needs a bit of listening time, but if you’ll invest it, you shall be consumed afterwards by songs like ‘Satanic Barbarism’, the heavy ‘Procession Of The Soulgrinders’ or the closing inferno with the fastest vocals I’ve ever heard – “Infinity Through Purification” is fucking excellent!!! The production is razor-sharp, powerful Morrisound and easily tops DIABOLIC’s previous productions. If you are into Florida Death Metal with an unique sense for darkness, brutality and melody get this CD and be crushed! The band’s redesigned website can be found here www.diabolicblastmasters.com and an MP3 is available at www.centurymedia.de.

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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