(Memento Mori)

Founded back in 2012 this band from the Netherlands releases their second full length, and from the very first riffs, one can hear a strong PESTILENCE influence, combined with some SEPULTURA from the “Beneath The Remains” era. And let me tell you, the influence is basically from the first and third albums of the band formed by Patrick Mameli, meaning that it’s more in the Death / Thrash style, as we all know that the only real Death Metal album from PESTILENCE is their second. Even the vocals do resemble a lot the vocals of a younger van Drunen or later Mameli. Lyrically speaking and what the name says there is more things related to the destruction of our world than corpses melting in lava, but also some of that is here too. Now, if this album was released some 20 years ago, it would have had more impact than today, yet it’s still very good on its own. Maybe a riff here and an idea there has already been done in a similar way before. You can hear that there is actually a lot of groove in the songs than just playing fast, but there are still plenty of thrashing moments to keep one’s attention. And those riffs are just so juicy and well done. Yet I cannot imagine that this was not recorded with Scott Burns as the sound is clearly inspired by the Morrisound sound that was the thing in the Death Metal front back in the mid ’90s. I have to say that they did a great job, bringing nostalgia for old skull death thrashing madness. The last song ‘Among The Tombs’ sounds like something that could be found on “Testimony Of The Ancients” and I had to check a few times if it was not a cover version. For what it is, it’s very good, nothing original, yet it brings that sound with conviction and us old death heads will surely do a devil’s horn sign and fist in the air while banging our almost hairless head with this recording that is a great tribute to the dead.,

Julián “Transcendence Of The Mind” Núñez

Julián "Transcendence Of The Mind" Núñez

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