Submerged In Urban Decay

ECTOPIC MALIGNANCY is a new band with two Swedish members and two American members (one of the latter being Michael Poggione, current bass player for MONSTROSITY), and they play brutal Death Metal with an extremely heavy sound, and usually not very fast, bringing more to mind a giant bulldozer slowly but utterly crushing whatever happens to be on its path. Sometimes they do press on the pedal and you do have some moments of frantic double bass drum and snare attack together with the sickly tunes being delivered by the downtuned and distorted strings bent on bludgeoning your braincells. The vocals are low-end and guttural like tombstones rasping together, often sliding into the pig-squeal approach of many Grindcore bands. This four-track EP, with its impeccable production and excellent technical performance, is the very first taste of what this band will be having to offer, and it will surely appeal to the brutal Death maniac. A quarter of an hour of Gore-drenched songs conjuring up a vile and morbid ambiance. I particularly enjoyed the final track, ‘Homicide Incarnate’, but they are pretty much all on the same level. Deathsters proceed to,

Ricardo Campos

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