Evil Sides
(Sliptrick Records)

This is the debut album form this Russian band that mixes melodic Death Metal and industrial music. And it is as it says here. Sounds like early FEAR FACTORY with some early IN FLAMES and movie music. And I am sure there’s quite some other bands doing a similar thing, but for me this is just a no-go. As this one is almost a 50-50 between melodic Death / Groove Metal and Industrial Metal, at times it is hard to make out the style. Yes, for sure they have a quite identity of their own, and I can see them being popular, as this is way too much close to those Deathcore bands or music classified like that. Yes, they do have a heavy production, they play their instruments very good, but I just feel no soul here. Only if you are very much into those music styles, it will surely mean something. But for those more into something industrial-less, look in other places. All further information at:  www.facebook.com/efpixofficial, http://efpix.bandcamp.com, www.sliptrickrecords.com

Julián “Space Invaders” Núñez

Julián "Space Invaders" Núñez

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