Defeat Of Common Sense
(Great Dane Records)

As of late, there seems to be a proliferation of Death / Thrash bands out in the wild trying to make a name for themselves. Or it could be just what I seem to be focusing on as of late… ENDBROKEN hails from France and brings much of AMON AMARTH, UNANIMATED and LORD BELIAL to the mix. All fans of the bands above will be pleased with this. Plenty of melo Death with some touches Thrash. As I delve into the album, I don’t want to say the album is too long but at nine songs and one being a long instrumental, it just seems to wear a little bit. People can and will say it is all a bit of the same ol sound rearing its ugly head here. But if you take a step back, there are some shining moments. For example, the intro riff on track # 3 draws you in, and track # 6 has that cool intro or even the breakdown riffing in the middle of ‘Into The Grave’ and even the instrumental has its standouts. The production is good and on point (still no bass?!). So when all is said and done you can’t go wrong with this release. That being said, the album would be that much better if three or so songs were cut and songs tightened. Then at that point, you would have a 30 minutes or so stomper. The vocalist Mitch has that aforementioned AMON AMARTH tenor in his voice and there is much from both guitarists that can get you into that have that head-banging frame of mind. All in all not a bad album in any way but there are two things I have to say. Shorter, stronger bursts of attack and just keep it simple and to the point. I will keep an eye on them and maybe you should as well. www.facebook.com/endbroken, www.facebook.com/greatdanerecords

Will “Bones” Lee

Will "Bones" Lee

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