Moth`s Illusion
(Avantgarde Music)

ENISUM hails from Italy and delivers atmospheric Black Metal, driven by rocking melancholic soundscapes and beautiful guitar melodies. Darkness cloaks the whole release, even though the melodies once in a while become a tad too nice, for my own personal taste, and move the focus from the drawing darkness and grey melancholy. The band has written some good songs, and build up the atmospheres really well, the songs captivate and are quite interesting. There are some great guitar parts, the vocal variations are quite good, all from shrieks, to guttural Death / Doom growls, to clean vocals and all in between, and more or less always fitting – the drumming and percussion are laying a good backdrop and keep the pace alive or down, together with the bass in the background. "Moth’s Illusion" is ENISUM’s sixth full length album, and the second one released on Avantgarde Music, and if I remember correctly, the first one I have a listen to of theirs. And if the rest of the band’s material lives up to the standard of this album, I for sure have to check out the older releases! A feast of atmospheric dark Black / Death / Doom Metal with some lighter melancholic moments performed quite well. Join the dance of the December souls: www.facebook.com/enisum, www.avantgardemusic.com

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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