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From the Czech Republic we have the second full length of this band that labels themselves as pure Thrash Metal. Formed in 2005, the band is more in the early ANTHRAX, METALLICA vein with slight touches of D.R.I. and SUCIDAL TENDENCIES so I would better call them as a Thrash / Crossover band like it was used in the late 80s. The vocals for a change are more in the melodic / sung style (quite similar in approach to Joey Belladona actually) compared to similar bands that use more of a shouter or growler. And even if the band originates in Europe, they do have a very American sound to my ears, not far from bands like EXCEL or SACRILEGE B.C. and especially to the more melodic works of the legendary CRO MAGS. They have a sort of funky sound here and there, and they are also very good performers, special mention must be done to the great guitar work of Tomas and Odrej. Their Speed / Thrash / Harcore Metal is quite entertaining, and while I must say I have heard many similar bands, this for once breathes some fresh air, and takes my mind to the late 80s again. Compared to many of the newer party Thrash Metal bands that base their image more on drinking beer rather than good music, this is quite above. Fans of mosh Metal madness will love this. www.facebook.com/exorcizphobia, www.supug.cz

Julián “Gypsy Rock’n’Roller” Núñez

Julián “Gypsy Rock'n'Roller” Núñez

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