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The potential of the German underground especially within the Pagan Metal scene is currently more than strong and nearly every month a newcomer is surfacing with an album good enough to show even the well established bands that Odin’s descendants can be found behind nearly every German tree. FINSTERFORST released their debut in 2007 via World Chaos Production (Japanese label) and for the German market via Heavy Horses Records and honestly speaking this release is really one of the strongest Pagan debuts since EQUILIBRIUM’s “Turis Fratyr”. The 10 songs (the term hymn is more fitting especially for the longer pieces which sometimes reach nearly fifteen minutes), are one intensive flow of atmospheric Pagan Metal with a strong focus on the key & accordion parts. FINSTERFORST are offering not a complete new but a very interesting and fresh mixture of modern Pagan Metal with German lyrics in the vein of FINNTROLL, ENSIFERIUM & Co. which, even with a playing time of nearly 80 minutes, is able to fascinate the listener. But I think that you have to be a real fan of this Pagan Metal style with all the Humppa elements, the keyboard walls and a certain lack of “evil” throughout the album, but “Weltenkraft” is a great debut with fantastic songs (‘Traumwald’) so take your drinking horn, open a bottle of Met and hail to the gods of the north.;

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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