Structures Of Death
(Metal Blade Records)

Before I begin this review, I would personally like to thank FLESHCRAWL for two decades of brutal Death Metal insanity! You guys make me proud with every recording you make, and as an owner of a dubbed copy of “Festering Flesh” may I say MORGOTH / SUFFOCATION / FLESHCRAWL have come a long way since those early days! With that it really has been some time since the cyber pages of VFTD have seen an outing from Germany’s FLESHCRAWL. In fact the last album that was reviewed herein of that band was 2001’s Death Metal machine “Soulskinner”. Six years have passed since that record and before us today is yet another fine tuned CD of solid, no-excuses, Swedish styled Death Metal barbarity! Just as raw, uncompromising, and relentless as any of their previous material, this is the band’s 8th studio effort! I simply can not exclaim more about how pleased I am that a band with this much talent, this much ambition, and a band with this much determination manages to not only meet my expectations year in and year out. But manages to hit that mark with such force of conviction album after album that they simply kill it every time! Twelve tracks of hellish Death Metal for those souls still out there that are eternally scarred by the warriors of ice NIHILST / ENTOMBED, GRAVE, UNLEASHED and DISMEMBER and still crave more! Lastly, should the editor of VFTD ever resign his commitment to the worldwide web and go back instead to an actual hand-held Metal fanzine, I can think of no other better band from his respected homeland to grace that return cover issue than Illertissen’s FLESHCRAWL. Contact: kill@fleshcrawl.de or www.myspace.com/crawlinginflesh or www.metalblade.de.

Wes Rhodes

Wes Rhodes

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