Into The Catacombs Of Flesh
(Apostasy Records)

FLESHCRAWL is one of Germany’s oldest Death Metal bands and I am pretty sure they need no further introduction here. Active since nearly three decades now, the Bavarian horde is returning with their nineth full-length. The opener and title track ‘ Into The Catacombs Of Flesh’ delivers all trademarks the band is known for. Solid but technical Death Metal with a Swedish painting. Solid and memorable Death Metal with good hooks, fine melodies, a memorable refrain and damn good, precise drumming. Especially the solo part in the end is really worth to check and delivers high standard Death Metal and shows the quality range of the band. ‘Mass Obliteration’ has a Hardcore vibe and even the grunts are well done before the lead parts bring back the track to good old Death Metal. The spoken passages are really well-done and combined with the melody, the track is another killer. ‘Ossuary Rituals’ continues very groovy and has a certain GRAVE vibe and convinces totally with its thick guitars and the cool vocals and the once again good lead melody. ‘Funeral Storm’ could also have fitted on one of the last albums of mighty UNLEASHED and unleashes a real little storm before ‘Grave Monger’ hails the horde from Visby once again. I could easily go through all tracks of the album as it has no fillers but the trilogy starting with ‘Obliteration Bizarre’ is really worth to mention here as this is a damn killer and with its outstanding melody it is one of the best tracks I heard for a long time. It leads into ‘Red Streams Of Sorrow’ and both tracks are the quality I would expect from a new album of DISMEMBER as FLESHCRAWL fills the space they left and when I hear the solo, this is the real deal. I can not explain how damn good the track is! But the guys deliver another one with ‘ Of Frozen Bloody Grounds’ which finally brought me back into the 90s. The solo in this one is the cause I still live and breathe Death Metal. Thank you for these killer tunes. For more info, check one of the following sources or simply order your copy from the dealer you trust. www.facebook.com/fleshcrawl, www.facebook.com/apostasyrecords

Michael Kujawska

Michael Kujawska

FLESHCRAWL - Festering Thoughts From A Grave (Hacker)
FLESHCRAWL - Tales Of Flesh And Skin (Thomas Meyer)
FLESHCRAWL - Structures Of Death (Wes Rhodes )
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FLESHCRAWL - interview (Steven Willems)
FLESHCRAWL - interview (Steven Willems)

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