Bloodred Tales - Chapter I - The Crimson Season

Pew, I am deeply impressed by these young German hopefuls. I got very curious about this release when I got attracted by their professional printed and layouted flyer and especially when I became aware of their local origin. And the final product totally blew me away! While you read these lines please have always in your mind that this is a self-financed product and most certainly the first recording (?) of them ever. And then compare it with the more wellkown releases of famous bands or labels (in order to appreciate FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING even more). So starting with the layout, it is highly professional and thought out down into every detail (most of the bigger labels better take it as an example). On some parts of it I firstly thought about the art of CABIN FEVER MEDIA / Niklas Sundin (SWE) and I was quite surprised when I discovered that he was not involved in the artwork at all. Instead, the whole artwork, layout and the band’s logo has been done by the guitarist Sascha himself. Focusing on the most important matter when it comes to a CD, the music, I can tell you that it is not less professional and impressive as the artwork. You get brutal, harsh and at the same time melodic Death Metal the Swedish way. In some aspects it is comparable to the Gothenburg sound, but do not make the mistake to await some weak or cheesy tunes. The whole thing starts with a short guitar intro that is followed by four explosive compositions and two instumentals. The latter include acoustic guitars and deliver a comfortable atmosphere. FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING certainly know how to handle their instruments. Everything is tightly played and the drums sometimes even push ahead into the fastest regions. The guitars combine razor-sharp riffs and nicely done twin guitar melodies. In case of the title track ‘Bloodred Tales’ you also get some more old school orientated Swedish Death Metal tunes. Every song structurewise is enriched by various tempo changes and the entire songwriting abilities are far above the average. Something I cannot detect in their songs is a “partial modern” style they quoted on their flyer. I wonder what they meant with it? Especially because of their raw power FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING remind me alot on Swedish gods A CANOROUS QUINTET. And this should be the style FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING are getting closest to. But they are absolutely right by writing “No need for boring comparisions, just FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING” as they are far away from being mere clones. Finally the whole product is in every respect made for lovers of this kinda music: it is far away from being a fast food thing, but a real work of art from start to finish where every detail fits into another like the wellknown pieces of a puzzle. If you adore Swedish Death Metal in the vein of A CANOROUS QUINTET, UNANIMATED, SACRILEGE, this short player is simply a must! Just Buy. Send 8 Euro (Germany), 12 Euro (Europe) and 16 Euro (rest of the world) to FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING, c/o Sascha Ehrich, Seedamm 6, D-64407 Fr.- Crumbach, Germany (all prices include postage).

Thomas Georg

Thomas Georg

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