The Everhaunting Past - Chapter IV - A Splendid Retrospection
(Cyclone Empire Records)

For at least 10 years there is a running contest within the German Death Metal scene of the band with the strongest bounds to the homeland of this style. And for years my dear friends from FLESHCRAWL have hold this “Swedish / German Death Metal” title undoubtedly in their hands. But time goes by and further bands have also developed a strong fetish for this ultra traditional sound and one of these bands is for sure FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING. Their new release via Cyclone Empire – currently the best record label if it comes to pure Death Metal – has for sure the longest album title of this unholy year (BAL SAGOTH luckily didn’t release any album within 2009) but far more important the album offers the full dose for all Sweden fanatics. The album starts with a very calm intro before the guitars are joining the ride and the opener ‘Vast’ is only one of the following high lights on “Chapter IV”. Especially the guitars giving the release the best moments and maybe Metal Blade will regret their decision to support other bands instead of this German combo. The fourth album is a strong release and everybody who owns one of their two former official releases can buy this album blindly, all others can choose if they support the true Cyclone Empire league of Swedish Death Metal (EVOCATION and DEMONICAL) or the foreigners in form of this German act – quality wise they are operating nearly on the same level.,

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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