The World We Lost
(Marche Funebre Productions)

This is the second album from this one man band from Russia, and it is the case where the name of the band, the album title and the cover art is giving away a lot of information for those into Metal. Doom Metal is the word here, slow, tyrant passages, drums played at maybe 2 mph, guitar strings used once every 10 seconds and cavernous vocals which tend to have a somewhat melancholic touch to it. Besides, all of the songs presented here round the 8 minute mark. Fans of the style, of this funeral-like atmosphere, of slow and melancholic Doom Metal, will surely like this. But those looking for a more brutal approach, or evil passages into Doom Metal, will miss something here. Although the execution, recording and overall sound is as good as you can get, sometimes the atmosphere is way too dense for my tastes and could easily bore those into the atrocities of faster Metal. And although there is a sense of darkness in the aura, it never quite reaches that evil smoke some of us are waiting for. Again Doom / Death fans with a more subtle and not so violent approach will dig this one.,

Julián “Our Gods Are Dead” Núñez

Julián "Our Gods Are Dead" Núñez

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