Fuoco Fatuo
(Caligari Records)

Most of you surely never heard of FUOCO FATUO before. The band’s name is Italian for "Will-O’-The-Wisp" and the songs are sung in Italian as well. These pretty young guys from Varese are around as a band for two years now and might be newcomers, but not newbies. Bass player Giovanni Piazza is also active in INTO DARKNESS, while guitar player and singer Milo Angeloni plays in FUNEST. Up to now, the three-piece released two EPs in 2012, both self-released through their bandcamp site. Caligiari Records made both of them available now on one tape album. Since the scene in Italy always had a big heart for the doomier side of Metal, it is no wonder that FUOCO FATUO are on the slower, thick side of Death Metal. The album starts off with the three songs of the "33 Colpi Di Schizofrenia Astrale Nell’Abisso Nero" EP. The opener ‘Vuoto Nero’ is a classical inspired Doom Death song with vocals changing from deep growls to high pitched outbreaks, while ‘L’Abisso’ comes along with some even psychedelic moments, combined with a cool groove and a fine, pretty scary and epic organ in the closing part. Both songs are very well done, but they seem to be just heralding something great to come. And as I thought, ’33 Colpi Di Schizofrenia Astrale’ is a real killer. This one starts off blacker than Metal, before the Doom takes over and combines the strange elements of the first two tracks to a very powerful pitch ball, black as night and sometimes even in a line with bands like AHAB. On the B-side of the album, we find the songs from FUOCO FATUOs first, self-titled EP, that is much more rooted in traditional Doom Metal, ‘Creatura’ is the best example for this. But FUOCO FATUO play even classic Doom Metal with a passion and spice their songs with growling vocals. And with the closing song ‘Celeste’, the band already hinted on what was to come on the second EP. Looking on the album in its entirety, we have more than 40 minutes of Doom Metal of Death in a lot of varieties that is worth listening to more than once. Personally, I prefer the more spaced out songs from "33 Colpi Di Schizofrenia Astrale Nell’Abisso Nero", even though I am pretty much more into traditional Doom. But those more strange ideas are too good to be overheard. As usual for releases from Caligiari Records, this tape is strictly limited to 100 copies, so grab your copy quick if you’re into Doom and Death. For more information check out www.facebook.com/pages/fuoco-fatuo/117222268381764 or fuocofatuo.bandcamp.com. And never forget to visit the always dedicated label at: www.caligarirecords.com

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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