Boundless Torture
(Pulverised Records)

GATEWAY is a Doom / Death act coming from Belgium. "Boundless Torture", released by Pulverised, is the name of their last offering. The first track here, ‘Boundless Torture’, works as an intro and gives you a first approach to this 4 tracks Doom / Death EP. ‘Famished Below’, the second track, is a 5 minutes mid-paced one, filled with some simple riffing and crushing slow drums. Add a cavernous and profound voice to this fest of doom riffs and now you have an idea of how it sounds. The music is similar to acts like DISEMBOWELMENT, INVERLOCH, DRUID LORD, HOODED MENACE or THE NIHILISTIC FRONT, if you ask me. ‘Iron Storms’ is the shortest track here: a chaotic assembly of fast drumming, cavernous growls, and brutal guitars. ‘Odyssey Of The Bereaved’, the last track, is the longest and most interesting here, reaching more than 10 minutes. At last, you can hear some development, atmosphere and tempo changes in one composition. If you put all the four tracks in just one long track, it doesn’t make big difference. Maybe it is what they tried to do! Well, the music is slow, dark, heavy… but not really interesting for my taste. Follow GATEWAY at Get a copy at

Miguel Negrón

Miguel Negrón

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