Goat Funeral Night
(Unborn Productions)

It’s been a long time ago a new Norwegian Black Metal band has done anything for me. That has changed as the fairly new unit GRAVLUND has been blasting me back in my chair the last few weeks. The EP has been released on the likewise Norwegian label Unborn Productions which is starting to become an interesting label. We are getting treated an attack of old school Black Metal with a nice arcane (speaking in Norwegian Black Metal terms) and cold atmosphere, intertwined in a dark, doomy and eerie universe, not far from what DARKTHRONE was capable of delivering when they turned from Death Metal and a few releases there after. The same evil, the chaotic entrance to the song writing and delivery together with a dark and disturbing energy, almost forcing its way of the speakers. A fresh and energetic breath in a quite stale scene, where most of the best acts are acting like their heroes in the good old days. I think we most can agree that Black Metal isn’t what it has been, without considering the different waves, though nice to hear some bands still kicking it, even though it might be based on old deeds, it’s based on some of the best old deeds together with an fresh approach. I am also a sucker for the quite chaotic and rumbling production, it suits music as this so damn good, thumbs up and damn how I’m looking forward to hear more from this band! A little more info:, and

Anders Peter Jørgensen

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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