I, Zombie

HELLATIO is a 2 piece Zombie Horror Squad from Germany dealing in the subject of… can you guess it? No, really… not your fuckin’ Santa Claus, stupid… unless he was conveniently zombiefied. So, zombie theme is never getting old, it just gets more smelly, pusified and putrefied, but whatever… I’m always ready to spin some catchy Death Grind and pass the rotten judgement once more. First good point – this is short and to the point. 10 tracks in 13 minutes with a few cool, funny intros is perfect length for this sort of shit, doesn’t get boring, keeps my attention in spot, head moshing, fists flying around, but… yeah, there’s this "but"… it sounds a bit too controlled and clean, and you are gonna be spitting pus and blood if you can’t stand programmed drums, ‘coz HELLATIO does just that. For me it’s not a big turnoff, but the patterns could be a little more varied and off-the-wall, as I said, sometimes it just sounds too polished and neat. Anyways, this is the only criticism I could muster, so if you like fat grooving riffs and deep growling bonanza along fast grinding programmed rhythms and can’t get enough of stuff like GORE OBSESSED, BLOOD FREAK, BIRDFLESH, DENIAL FIEND, GRONIBARD, IMPETIGO or MACABRE, you should find something here to cater to your fine taste! HELLATIO are curently working on a full-length album "H.G. Francis", so keep an ear ready for it and meanwhile download "I, Zombie" for free and buy one of 50 copies on CD if you like it. That seems like a cool deal to me and so it should be a fuckin good deal for you too! www.hellatio.tk, www.facebook.com/hellatio

Mindaugas “Plix” Lapinskas

Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas

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