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Slovenia’s HELLCRAWLER are here to wrap you in their vision of "post apocalyptic wastelands" on this debut album which sets the dark tone immediately from the opener ‘Devastation’ and carries it on blisteringly through all 10 tracks. Mixing up elements from D-Beat and Death’N’Roll with enough Stoner swagger HELLCRAWLER shows serious intent to kill all posers and wanna-be brutalists with their catchy, fat sounding, tar ladden grooves which stick long afterwards the album has stopped playing. You won’t find blistering solos (although there are a few of them and they add to the overall vibe splendidly) or head spinning drum acrobatics here, but for sheer powerful punked up Death’N’Roll you don’t have to look any further. Songtitles like ‘Rattlesnake Tavern’, ‘Motosluts From Hell’, ‘The Molten Faces Tribe’ or ‘Firefly Powerplant’ should give you a damn good indication of where HELLCRAWLER priorities lie. Now imagine those classic "Mad Max" movies, imagine apocalyptic AMEBIX Crust at it’s bleakest, you can also imagine ENTOMBED at their rocking best and maybe you’ll come close to imagining how HELLCRAWLER sound. Or alternatively, in this age when one mouse click will take you to their bandcamp page where "Wastelands" album is free to listen and download, you can skip all the imagining, go straight there and hear it for yourselves. Then after you peeled yourself off the ground, head down straight to their e-shop and get the fucking digipak CD, so you can show the kids and old people alike, what is the definition of post apocalyptic Death’N’Roll really is! Make them fuckin’ crawl and pray at the altar of the mighty HELLCRAWLER, bastards! http://hellcrawler.bandcamp.com

Mindaugas “Plix” Lapinskas

Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas

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