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Polish Black Metal is among the most unique on the planet. Members of the early guard, like MASTER’S HAMMER and ROOT played with a nasal, yet disturbingly sinister and primitive, satanic style (probably because they’re both from the Czech Republic and not from Poland Mr.Shapiro… – Frank). By contrast, HERMH sound like KEEP OF KALESSIN crossbred with DIMMU BORGIR. Somehow, through this ever popular mix, they retain their Polish character. As you can expect with a band polished enough to play KEEP OF KALESSIN material, HERMH have precise metronome timing, a near constant double bass drum going, and riffs that can scale mountains. But they are not without their slow, epic songs. The keyboards are a cheesy addition that sound anything but anti-christian. They’re more in keeping with something BAL SAGOTH would use to help narrate a cosmic battle of Atlantis. Some songs are introduced with Gregorian chant, which are quickly followed by more of the same songs that begin the album. Good stuff. www.hermh.pl, www.myspace.com/hermh

Nathan Shapiro

Nathan Shapiro

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