Eden's Fire
(Pagan Records)

This is the first time I heard about HERMH from Poland, although "Eden’s Fall" is already the bands 5th album, so I missed out 4 albums and 2 demos. In my case this is not really a pity because HERMH’s music, like it sounds on this release, is not my cup of tea. HERMH present a very symphonic and theatrical mixture of Black and Death Metal in the vein of newer BEHEMOTH and the likes. Expect good musicianship, constant keyboard-playing, partly complex structures and a bombastic production. I really respect what HERMH has created with "Eden’s Fire", it simply is not meant for my ears. So before saying something superfluous negative, I shut the fuck up and recommend to those who are into that symphonic Black / Death Metal, to have at least a listen. www.hermh.pl, www.paganrecords.com.pl

Andi Bauer

Andi Bauer

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