The Spiritual Nation Born
(Pagan Records)
approx. 240min

What can I say about this official HERMH release? It’s a live DVD but lacking a full live concert… the term road movie is maybe more suitable. HERMH from Poland had been touring quite extensively within the last four years (mainly in their home country) and these tours had been luckily also captured on film and are now available for all fans. But which fan needs these tour reports when all live songs are only presented in bits & pieces. Sorry, but I can’t find any words for this. In one moment you can see HERMH perform ‘Deathcrush’ in front of a hungry crowd but as usual the song is fading out and you can see 2 band members wrestling each other? It’s nice to add some tour anecdotes, but for a Black Metal band the music / performance should be the essential key to their creation and times. So I don’t want to see a band playing volleyball, table tennis or football; I don’t want to see them taking a shower or mocking each other – what I want to see is a professional powerful gig. To all this nonsense furthermore comes the fact that nearly everything (interviews, tour report, menu) on this DVD is only available in the Polish language and that all concert fragments are without any advise which song is performed. So, honestly speaking if you speak Polish and you really need every HERMH release to find sleep in the night this DVD is maybe acceptable, but for all other people it could perfectly be used as a flying saucer in the next THE KOVENANT video. www.hermh.pl, www.paganrecords.com.pl

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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