Issue # 4
(40 pages, A4, printed, in English)

This is a really cool underground zine in every aspect. The whole content of this fourth issue is extremely unique as the two editors Adnan and Nedim decided to focus on the more obscure bands rather than going the safe way and coming up with tons of wellknown bands in order to sell a few more copies. The advertisments inside this issue were all printed for free (!!) and they furthermore have a pretty critical way of writing when it comes to the review section (which is really necessary to seperate the few selected gems from all the crap these days!). There’s actually no release from any bigger label featured in here (the "biggest" names probably being G.U.C., Red Stream and Witches Brew), so that this is certainly a good opportunity to dive a lot deeper into the release overkill. As for the interviewed acts, you’ll get highly interesting chats with THE CHASM, OPETH, IMMOLATION, SALEM, DIVINE RAPTURE, AENDRIA, DUSK, SEAR BLISS, SILENT KINGDOM, and TOXICDEATH as well as a Malaysian scene report and an interview with the guy who’s running UNSUNG HEROES RECORDS. The layout is quite simple (yet fitting and never sterile looking) and the printing quality fine with me (not perfect, but not messy either). So, all in all pretty much recommendable to all those of you who are fed up with all the glossy major mags or faceless "underground" zines that are around these days. My only point of "criticism" is their english / grammar, which still needs to be improved here and there, as their often highly interesting interview questiones suffer a bit from that. Don’t have any zine- nor postage-prices, but feel free to ask them directly at: Hidden Throne, c/o Adnan Hatic, Vladimira Nazor 2, 75000 Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina, www.hiddenthrone.tk, info@hiddenthrone.tk

Frank Stöver

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