Genetic Degeneration

In the last about twenty years, the situation for new bands changed a lot in comparison to the days of yore, i.e. the 1980s. Thanks to the medium CD and the internet, it is very easy to release music on your own. Additionally, there are a felt bazillion of labels so that a new band can easily get a recording deal. This all lead to an overkill of releases of Metal bands of nearly any metallic subgenre. It is almost impossible to keep track of all this music that is released in any possible way, even if you’re trying hard. There’s loads of bands who put out a record before they’re even ready to do so. As a result, there are bands that fall through the cracks. A case like this seems to be IN DEMONI from Magdeburg in Germany who recently unleashed their second record, an EP called “Genetic Degeneration”. Again they did anything on their own, just like they did with their first release, the full length “So Trieb Sich Die Welt Ins Dunkel” three years ago. Started as a duo, IN DEMONI grew to a full band over the years. The result of their efforts can be heard on “Genetic Degeneration”. Musically, IN DEMONI are definitely rooted in technical Death Metal, especially NILE seems to be a major influence here. Of course IN DEMONI are not as technically gifted as the Egyptologists and they are definitely less complex, but they have a similar approach to extreme Death Metal. And alike NILE, the German five piece integrates completely unmetallic instruments into their sound. The weapon chosen by IN DEMONI is the Pipa, an old Chinese string instrument similar to a lute. Thus IN DEMONI have a pretty unique approach to Death Metal that makes songs like ‘Blood Sales’ or the very fine closing tune ‘Sorely Incapacity’ with its great riffing very enjoyable for lovers of the brute and extreme. The EP is available both digitally and physically on CD through IN DEMONI’s bandcamp site (, with the physical version featuring an hidden, quite short extra track. Check them out at:,

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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