Curse Of The Voodoo Queen

It is not every day I come across purebred Heavy Metal from British Columbia, Canada, kind of strange if this band is a measure for the quality of the scene over there. That said the Canadians are using every cliché ever made in the genre of Heavy Metal, in a good way though. There might not be many original moments throughout the 10 tracks on this, their debut album, but they are delivering their Metal in a proper and energetic manner. We are getting some good classic Heavy Metal riffing, ripping leads, pounding drums, a bass that could be a bit more punishing, music like this could use heavy and audible bass lines weighing in like Lemmys’ or Steve Harris’ to make the impact imminent. That leaves us with the vocals, the basic lead vocal isn’t that interesting, though the high screams are lively and quite impressive, and all the back up vocals do lift the experience. Though the vocals do grow with the amount of listens. Do we need music as this, that is more or less entirely build on the good old times? As long as it is as energetic and uncompromising as this, I can’t see a problem, as I enjoy a good dose of Heavy Metal straight to my face, when I’m in that mood. Of course I tend to go for the good old masters and classic recordings, without paying much attention to newcomers, or newer releases for that matter, though a fresh breath once in a while is alright, even though a release like this might go down into the darkness of forgotten releases a bit faster, than it actually deserves. A nice, intense and pure trip through Heavy Metal clichés and goodness, and the epic closer ‘Montezuma’ is well worth the time of any Heavy Metal fan. Saddle up with the nightrider, these guys and girl are bringing Heavy Metal to the world:,

Anders Peter Jørgensen

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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