Chasing The Devil
(Cudgel Agency)

This is fucking intense. Hell-yeah, it is. “Chasing The Devil” hits you with the power of a ten-ton hammer. KADATH finally managed to put out their second full-length and it’s really a strong one with a great production. This CD sounds absolutely clear and brutal like hell. But that’s only one among many positive aspects of this album. The next is the amazing cover artwork (done by Torsten Gebhardt who is totally unknown to me) and the design / layout of this CD, booklet and backcover. Then we have a truly brilliant lyrical concept about one of the most fiendish serial killers ever: The “Red Devil” Andrej Chikatilo who killed more than fifty victims in the former Soviet Union. Sure that’s not the most original stuff but this is quite different compared to MACABRE’s “Dahmer” concept. KADATH delivers a way more serious, informative and in depth story. “Chasing The Devil” is more like a true crime book than a gore movie. If you wanna find out more about the “Devil Of Rostov” Andreij Chikatilo you have to check out the brilliant movie “Citizen X”. You’ll also find many related links on the bands own homepage: www.kadathdeath.de Okay enough said about production, design and lyrics. Let’s talk about the most important thing of an album: the music. “Chasing The Devil” is for sure KADATH’s most matured and varied album. I really enjoyed the “Cruel” album album. But hey, the new album is much better and another step forward. Every single song on “Chasing The Devil” demonstrates unrelenting brutality in its purest form. Although KADATH is a raw and brutish band (especially Holger’s vocals sound rough and hateful) they always compose wide-ranging songs with many different parts and some nice melodies. This is the first recording with Gesuz (Ex-MENTAL ABERRATION) on guitar and of course he sets his marks with his awesome riffing. But he did not change the KADATH sound very much. Maybe they sound more US styled compared to the older stuff. But it’s still the unique KADATH style we know from the “Cruel” album. After the recordings former guitar player Mockel joined the band again and KADATH is now ready to strike back with two guitars. This CD comes in a limited edition with four CD ROM video tracks. Nothing more to add, only this: BUY NOW!!!



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