The Great Cold Distance
(Peaceville Records)

Don’t fool yourself cause the “Brave Murder Days” of Swedish weeping willows KATATONIA will NEVER come back, so all those crying for the old Blackish touched Doom monsters better go ahead and put the old material of Blackheim & Co on your record altar. BUT all those who were impressed by the 2003 emotional attack “Viva Emptiness” will celebrate the release of this new 12 tracker as a highlight. KATATONIA didn’t come up with more drastical stylish changes, so expect more a natutal step further in a mix of alternativ dark rocking art with a heavy approach. Jonas Renske vocalwise developed pretty much and in combination with some decent cold industrial elements the whole sound has pretty much a kind of TOOL touch. I also think that KATATONIA’s songs have become more compact, to the point and the first single ‘My Twin’ defintely has some potential to crack a wider audience. Personally I’m still a big fan of the old KATATONIA but all in all this band still creates an awesome and unique atmosphere of an emotional downfall. It’s a modern album, but still far away from superficial gothic standards. Expect really well done and deep songwriting with some hidden heaviness as well, ‘Consternation’ for example is a real heavy track in the new KATATONIA sense. A really unique and exciting output for 2006, still dark in a modern sense and open minded Metalheads from the ANATHEMA, OPETH etc. league will love that god damned band even nowadays. www.katatonia.com

Ralf Hauber

Ralf Hauber

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