Night Is The New Day
(Peaceville Records)

“Upon this rock I will build my church” (Matthew 16) are the perfect words to summarize the overall musical development of KATATONIA. The band has travelled a great cold distance and even if they found their own musical universe years ago – in some way cornered by ANATHEMA and OPETH – is the new release a perfect synergy of what KATATONIA stands for. They were forced to fight for every song and minute on “Night Is The New Day” but finally they overcome every obstacle (mainly the creative barrier of their main songwriter) and the 48 minutes are like one single song. The album is in no way a return to their old shores – even if a lot of Metal heads will connect KATATONIA forever with their No Fashion era and their cult song ‘Without God’- but as long as KATATONIA are in the position to offer melancholy on such a high quality level nobody will really miss these times. Currently a lot of Post Rock bands – mainly from Italy – are trying to copy these influences but their unsuccessful attempts are the best prove for a band like KATATONIA and their musical quality. To advise any kind of highlight of this release would be the wrong way, so only one small advice: choose the right moment for “Night Is The New Day” and enjoy the complete album.This cult act is for sure a band which from time to time is leaving the traditional Metal ways but pure traditionalists will miss a great album and will never understand that there is only one band which could compose a song like ‘Departer’. www.katatonia.com, www.peaceville.com

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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