Horned Holocaust
(Invictus Productions)

KILL are hailing from Gothenburg and saw the dark light of day back in 1998. Luckily they are not another new melodic Metal act from that area, so no need to worry. Furthermore this hellish trio follows the unholy path of their ancestors. “Horned Holocaust” is their debut album which was previously available as vinyl version only, released by Worship Him Records in 2003. Irish based label Invictus Productions finally were able to release this raw piece of meat on compact disc. Before this album they released the “Nocturnal Death” demo (1999), a 7″ EP called “Necro” in 2003 and a rehearsal tape in 2003 entitled “Morbid Curse”. On this seven tracker theis Swedish force delivers a raw, dark, brutal and primitive Black Metal assault. Adding influences from bands like old SARCOFAGO, old SODOM, DARKTHRONE and some dark Death Metal stuff as well and mix it alltogether to their own blasphemous blend. It’s not groundbreaking new what they play but KILL do it damned well and really keep the listeners attraction from start to finish. That’s because they know how to capture the old spirit and feeling of the glorious days which so many bands are missing these days or are unable to create. Excellent! The production is aggressive and raw but quite good and well balanced (so no rehearsal room sound here). Actually there is no more to add here… the music speaks for itself. Metalheads into old school Black Metal should immediately add this release to their wantlist. So buy or die!! If you can’t find it at your record dealer of your trust then get in touch with Invictus Productions at or visit the band’s website or email them

Michael Oelschlegel

Michael Oelschlegel

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